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Prefabricated Modular Vehicular Bridges

At Roadrunner Bridge, we are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective steel truss vehicular bridge installations for our customers. Most of the vehicular bridges we install are needed because the existing infrastructure is lacking, and better solutions are needed. In order to determine the best plan of action, we work closely with local stakeholders such as:

Prefabricated modular vehicular bridges are designed through the coordination of our own experienced engineers and the bridge manufacturers engineers to ensure each bridge is fabricated to exacting standards. From the first conversation to the project completion, Roadrunner Bridge will provide guidance and support to ensure your bridge project is trouble-free and a success for all stakeholders.

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50% Faster Installation than On-Site Field-Fabricated Construction

Traditionally, bridges of the past were stick-built on-site which can lead to high costs, long-term road closures, and a frustrated public needing access to the area. By utilizing prefabricated modular vehicular bridges assembled on-site as opposed to conventional construction methods, project installation timelines can be shortened by days, weeks, or even months. Together we can develop a vision for your ideal bridge by drawing upon our experience with the numerous available bridge styles, deck types, safety railing, and material finishes.

While some bridge companies are limited to utilizing only one manufacturer or style of bridge, Roadrunner will utilize multiple modular bridge manufacturers and design schemes to ensure our customers have a safe custom bridge that will:

  • Outlast past bridge designs.
  • Reduce environmental impact during construction.
  • Be prepared for future local area expansion if needed.
  • Meet or exceed load requirements.
  • Simplify the overall project process vs past stick-built processes.
  • Reduce overall cost of installation.
  • Utilize US based manufacturers that:
    • AISC-certified facilities
    • Use US sourced materials
    • Use AWS certified welders
    • Have a comprehensive quality control system


Roadrunner primarily focuses on steel truss vehicular bridges that have spans of up to 80 feet. The most common bridges we install are bridges that span 20-50 feet, but we have the capability of installing larger-scale modular vehicular bridges.

If you have a need and would like to discuss your project, please reach out to one of our bridge experts for a consultation.

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Where to Start?

Initially we will need to know your general bridge needs:

  • Span
  • Length
  • Width
  • Possibly max height requirements for the location

This will help us to begin creating a long-lasting solution. Once this is provided, we will begin discussions with you to determine the overall needs of the project and assist in determination of the right design for your needs. All designs meet the following:

  • International Building Codes (IBC)
  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (ASHTO) specifications
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Step 1

Bridge Site Evaluation

We will schedule a time to visit the proposed project location with those responsible for the project which will help us understand the needs. Our focus will be:

Length and width of existing bridge as well as determining the right length and width of proposed bridge.

  • Demolition logistics of existing bridge or culverts
  • Surrounding hazards will be assessed (Trees, underground utilities, etc.…)
  • Existing and or new grade if road is to be raised or lowered.
  • Access limitations and any special needs for each location.
  • We believe this should be a coordinated effort with the customer.
Step 2


Once the site evaluation is complete, our engineers can then begin working on a design that meets the required specifications. We can design our bridges for local conditions or needs such as:

  • Uniform live load
  • Road elevation changes
  • Vehicle load
  • Snow loads
  • Wind load
  • Seismic loads

Our experienced bridge design engineers will partner with manufacturing companies throughout the US to ensure that the needs for the project are considered for the new bridge design. Our engineering team’s priority is to provide a safe and long-lasting bridge design and then focus on ensuring the design meets your specific location's needs and vision. 

Step 3


Depending on the bridge design, Roadrunner Bridge will either directly manufacture the bridge internally or utilize one of our bridge manufacturing partners to ensure you have the right bridge. All manufacturers are certified and audited by the American Iron and Steel Institute and our own internal quality systems ensure that when our bridges go out the door, they reflect the pride we take in our work.  

Step 4

Bridge Installation

Roadrunner Bridge's prefabricated modular vehicular bridges are fabricated in a way that provides for simple and efficient installation. Installation process includes:

  • Pre-construction meetings for coordination.
  • Direct ship to project location from fabrication location.
  • Modular design to simplify installation.
  • Bridge sections will be set directly on abutments.
  • Final walkdown with customers.

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