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Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance Member

Roadrunner Bridge™ provides unique solutions to customers throughout the United States. Our primary focus is to deliver affordable and timely installations of vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

We simplify the entire process, reduce project timelines, traffic impact, and construction costs for our customers.

We offer turnkey solutions from planning to completion. Our engineering team and select vendor partners allow us to offer bridge designs which shorten the construction timeline and allow for a simplified installation at a lower cost.

All bridges are built in a controlled manufacturing setting and are shipped directly to the installation site.

Bridge features:


Our founders the Schwarz family

Our business began back in 1908 when the Schwarz family became a Texas commercial general contractor. From that early foundation, The Henry Group, Inc. was formed in 1976 in Greenville, Texas.

With decades of experience, we have a long tradition of excellence in project management and construction services.

As a division of The Henry Group, Roadrunner Bridge™ continues this tradition by evolving and growing to meet the challenges of the industries and customers we serve.